l’incanto furore

Around Furore


Furore is the nickname of the country that does not exist, due to its houses that are not next to each other but emerge from the rock that surrounds the beach. Our restaurant is located in the highest place of Furore and enjoys the best view.
It is famous for the magnificent murals that form an integral part of the landscape and for The small fishing village around the fjord known throughout the world.

The Fiordo di Furore is full of charm, the sun peeps out only in the early hours of the afternoon, thus enjoying a cool climate even in summer.

It is deep rift in the rock and is crossed by the Schiato stream that glides quickly from the Agerola plateau.

These deep inlets and overhanging rocks are typical of the landscapes of northern Europe and even Furore will remind you a fairy-tale landscapes, but they merge them with Mediterranean smells and atmospheres; as in any place of enchantment.

Since 1997 it has been included by UNESCO, along with other places on the Amalfi Coast, in the World Heritage sites. Furore, moreover, with his 800 and more inhabitants, joined the club of the “most beautiful places in Italy”.